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It is a love of ourselves.

Feeling good when things go well and Feeling bad when things go badly.

relationship-a building exercise

Romance involves three basic components. Passion, intimacy, and commitment. Intimacy is the feeling of closeness. Commitment refers to the decision to maintain the relationship. Commitment without passion or intimacy is not love, it is “empty love.” Romance won’t last long without love. People learn from society, parents, friends, and their own personal experience how lovers behave.

keeping the fire ignited.

highs and lows of love

The highs include excitement, relaxation, and relief. The lows include anxiety, panic, and pain of separation. Passionate love is risky. Success brings delight and failure invites despair. So the strength of passion is delight/despair. The joy of love spills over and adds sparkle in life. Passionate lovers not only love, but they want to be loved in return.

romantic conceptions of love

Passion is an extremely strong emotion. Passionate lovers are generally in love with a daydream. passion drives the relationship. It is easy to love someone who you believe is all perfect. Passionate love lasts for only a short time. If passionate love evolves into companionate love, the relationship becomes more stable and can last a lifetime. That is why companionate love is believed to be a more stable kind of love. In short, the feelings of love might change over the course of a relationship. Passionate love would increase in the early stages of the relationship and then level off.

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