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Ageing and socializing

Ageing is the process of growing old. Life changing incidents such as retirement,death of a spouse and cildren living far away are happening in old age. This leads them to lonliness.

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Retirement is a major issue faced by by older people. it affects them physically and mentally. They feel difficult to adjust with reduced income and altered social role.

Intimacy never ends….

The desire for intimacy never ends. But the ageing can change the way intimacy is expressed. Loss or absence of a partner is an age related barrier to intimacy. The death of a spouse affect men and women differently. Men respond less well than women. Pain,drugs and worry can dampen desire for intimacy.

When become older, the functional ability declines in every person. They have more disorders and disabilities than younger people. Sleep disturbance and anxiety are common. The older people have physical limitations. Those who live alone do not get balanced meal. This makes them undernutrition.

Get Happier

Happiness is important for a better and long life. Laughter is the best medicine. Watching comedy or cracking jokes wil defenitely lift your mood. Brisk walk can increase life. It gives health benefits and a clear mind.

Reading books are very important. Older people can make use of library services. Education can continue into old age to maintain creativity. It takes you away from normal life. Let your feelings out to someone who understand. You will feel better!!!

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  1. So insightful and it will happen to us all. I just entered the retirement stage. I am not of retirement age…yet but it is a wonderful feeling, however, as you said “Life changing!”

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