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jogging and Running

Look better Live longer

Jogging is a form of slow running……Yes !!! it is faster than walking but slower than running. Running is faster and demands more effort from the heart and lungs. Both are forms of aerobic excercise and these activities produce more energy by combining oxygen with blood glucose or body fat. It puts you in a more peaceful state of mind.

It’s a natural Mood Boost

Go on a walk in your free time, once you are used to it , you can start jogging and work up to running. If you are a walker , but want to work up to a jog, consider short jogging intervals in your walks. Once you become stronger you can decrease the walking intervals until you are jogging with no walk breaks. This can apply in the case of a jogger who is interested in the working up to a full run. If you are overweight or have a chronic illness, see a doctor for a check-up before start running.

Aerobic exercises like jogging and running improves your body’s ability to deliver oxygen to your muscles. Exercise better your heart works. It can burn your fat but also maintain your weight. Running is the simplest way to work out if you don’t like to head to the Gym. You feel calm and rejuveneted after jogging and running. It keeps your mind healthy and happy.

Reduce the risk of Hypertension- “Silent Killer”

Jogging and running are aerobic excercise. It boost your metabolism . It can burn your fat and maintain your body weight. It enhances lung capacity and strengthens respiratory system muscles. The lungs takes in more oxygen and efficiently remove carbon dioxide with time. Improving the fitness will help reduce the risk of high blood pressure. It helps to increase the good HDL cholesterol and removes the deposites of bad LDL cholesterol from the blood.

Avoid running near roads, it will reduce your risk of inhaling air pollution from motor vehicles. While jogging your body produces lymphocytes and macophages. These are effective in fighting in infection. Jogging and running benefits your skin and you start to look fersher and youthful. When jogging or running, your skin wants more blood and oxygen. The better the flow of oxygen and blood in your skin, the more youthful it looks.

Jogging improves your physical and mental condition. It alleviates the symptoms of depression and improves cardiovascular health. It burns calories. Regular exercise stimulates the production of cells in your blood. It improves the mental fitness and helps managing chronic conditions and improving quality of life.

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