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Love in RED

When we think of Love and Romance, there are many images symbolises. YEAH!!! Hearts, Roses, Cupid, Wedding dress.

Red- is it the color for Love, Passion, Lust ?

The color RED – is it the color of Love? No doubt, Emotions are high around Red. It is the color of love, passion and deep feelings. I think this is the most powerful and striking color in the environment. It has been associated with a range of feelings and emotions throughout history. It really excites the emotions and motivates us to take action.

It’s negative expression anger and aggression-to fuel WAR and DESTRUCTION

I like the color RED because it is fiery strong and irresistible. It is the color of blood in my veins.It is stimulating, it can ignite the romance and passion. Red make the man seem more powerful and desirable. When we fall in love, we experience the happiness, passion, fear, danger, hurt… so all these emotions tie in with our experience of love. Red has the power to boost one’s heart rate. Red is used to increase the feeling of Lust.

Red is a great color for boosting confidence. If you need a boost of confidence, try wearing a red dress, red lipstick, a red top or red shoes. YES !!! you can try the color RED around.

Are women more attracted to men wearing certain color ?

Red is one of the standard colors that attract women. women are more sexually attracted to men wearing red. It stimulates the deeper passion within us, such as sex, love, courage or revenge.

Red is attention grabbing and emotionally intense color

Red lips are always on trend.Red lips and the strength they radiate has been loved by women. Red lips are powerful in the way no other make up item can be. Nothing screams LOVE and PASSION like the color RED. The more Red in the bedroom the more passion.

Red is the auspicious color for MARRIAGE

Red is the traditional color of bridal dresses in the Indian sub continent.Brides in Nepal and India wear RED saris. It is also the color of Wealth, beauty and the Goddess LAKSHMI. In Japan ,Red is the traditional color for a heroic figure.

Red has historically been associated with sacrifice and courage. Romans coloured their bodies in Red to celebrate victories. Red has also become the color of Revolution. In ancient times the Greek and Hebrews considered RED as the symbol of Love. A hint of it is in the Sun rise and Sun set.

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