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Flowers – the Platonic Love

Flowers are always my favourite.Flowers are beautiful objects and they bring joy to people.They satisfy our sense of touch and sense of sight.Their smell make the air pleasant to breathe.

Do you want to send a message of LOVE ?

I love flowering plants. Flowers are so beautiful with such an array of colors, shapes and habits. Flowers are the natural art work and beauty on the earth. I used to pluck flowers from the gardens of others on my way to school. Flowers are used to provoke the feelings of love and happiness.

Flowers are played very important role in our life. Flowers do have the power to spread happiness and bliss everywhere. There is a wide range of flowers available in different shapes, colors and sizes combined with pleasing aromas. Most flowers have specific meanings behind them. The red roses symbolize LOVE. Tulip symbolizes the perfect Lover. The Lotus flower symbolizes wealth and divinity, knowledge and enlightment.

Flowers are the symbol of love and emotion that helps people to convey their feelings. It is the best way to express your heartful condolences. Flowers in wedding occasion sparks a lot. Wedding are incomplete without flowers.

Flowers make interior more attractive and welcoming. It brings positivism to the working area. Flowers have the power to keep you calm or to create friendly sarroundings. The Aura and Charm of flowers brighten up the spirit of people. It can convey profound emotions and human thoughts.

Floriography – The language of flowers

Red camellia – shows love, passion and deep desire for someone.

Lavender Rose- symbolize enchantment and love at first sight

Single Rose denotes “Love at first sight” whereas a dozen roses say “be mine”

Daffodil represents rebirth, new beginnings. make sure you give a bundle of daffodil- a single represents misfortune.

Popy – symbolizes remembrence and consolation

hibiscus symbolizes unity and peace

sunflower 4 happiness

Flowers are widely used for decorating on various occasions like wedding, birthday and anniversary. Flower decorations make the event place unique and colourful. flowers are also used for gifting to the employees on the occasions like promotions, birthdays and other events. It can be gifted to someone on their wedding anniversary. you can use flowers on Mother’s Day to express your feelings to your mother.

Certain flowers are edible or can be used as herbal medicine. Flower attract birds, bees and butterflies. No matter the occasion, Flowers make the day special, cheerful and happy.

The presence of colorful flowers heightens feelings of life satisfaction, triggers happy emotions and memories.

Flowers are pretty rad

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